A Christmas project worth doing

Christmas is coming fast, six weeks and counting, so it is time to remember the reason for the season and help others.

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Kelli Reep, director of communications at Methodist Family Health, noted in her personal capacity as a friend that there’s “39 kids … who will be in our care on Christmas Day who don't yet have a Christmas angel to provide them gifts for the holiday.”

To look at the list, down to 28 as of this typing, by clicking here and Reep said there’s some choices:

  • Choose a child’s list (all items on the list can be purchased for $150 or less) and purchase the items on that list

  • Pick and choose items to send (second choice on the site)

  • Contribute to the Methodist Family Health Foundation, which provides for the necessities of the children and families in our care throughout the year.

So with that in mind, and credit card in hand, it was time to get scrolling.

One name leaped out and I checked the box. What followed was a message that an email would be sent and it was. The email contained a link to the child’s Amazon wish list and then you click on that link to purchase the items.

They seem like good choices: A remote control truck, Hot Wheels and then a Paw Patrol fire truck with matching pajamas.

Then on the shipping address, you choose,  ”Angel Tree Gift Registry Address" and put in the name and Angel Tree Code in the Gift Message box.

That’s it, well you have to pay for it but then that’s really it.

The deadline to purchase the items is Dec. 10 and the email said to check the delivery dates after you’ve made the purchase, but that was fine as three of the four items would come on Friday and the other on Monday.