Achor cruises to Primary win

Maumelle pharmacist Brandon Achor easily won his Primary election on Tuesday night against opponent Wes Booker by almost 75 percent.

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Achor, who is running for the newly created State House seat 71 that represents a portion of Maumelle, will now move on to November’s General Election. Achor won every precinct and jumped out by almost 70 to 30 when the early voting results were released a little after polls closed at 7:30 p.m.

Election results for State House 71

  • Brandon Achor ... 2,208 ... 74.65%

  • Wes Booker ... 750 ... 25.35%

Votes Cast ... 2,958

Below is a transcript of a Question and Answer session Achor did with It has been lightly edited.

>> At what point did you start to feel comfortable with the results?

We were surprised to see how quickly the Early Voting tally was released, almost immediately after the polls closed and given the trend of final votes mirroring early voting in our district we felt comfortable after seeing those results.

>> Were you surprised by the margin of victory?

Very! We knew Wes Booker would run a competitive and passionate campaign and enjoyed all of our interactions with his team. The victory, regardless of margin, is an extremely humbling and encouraging vote of confidence heading towards November.

>> How do you plan to campaign for the November general election?

Maintain our messaging and prioritize touch points with the community. We want the district at large to all feel our accessibility and accountability that those who voted last night value.

>> Anything else you want to add?

Having grown up in Maumelle and being able to serve alongside my wife in our pharmacy business, we have been blessed with a unique level of access to care and serve to our neighbors. I am honored to have the opportunity to carry that compassion out from behind the counter and to the Capitol!

Precinct-by-Precinct results

  • Brandon Achor ...58 

  • Wes Booker ...28


  • Achor ...150

  • Booker ...80 

  • Achor ...116

  • Booker ...58

  • Achor ...407

  • Booker ... 121

  • Achor ...450

  • Booker ...105

  • Achor ...409

  • Booker ... 126

  • Achor ...167

  • Booker ... 56

  • Achor ...116

  • Booker ... 36

  • Achor ...51

  • Booker ... 15


  • Achor ...42

  • Booker ... 33


  • Achor ...182

  • Booker ... 65


  • Achor ...60

  • Booker ... 27