After the storm

As of Tuesday morning, there's still some snow on the ground.

The forecast highs are in the 60s for the rest of the week and like after every winter storm, there's concerns about what to do with what was left behind.

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Maumelle Mayor Caleb Norris said the city has a plan for that.

"Typically after a big storm," Norris said last week. The city "has a policy where we will pick up things we wouldn't normally pick up."

An example might be a big limb that came down because of last week's snow and ice.

"So we may not pick up big branches without a special pickup that charges," Norris said. "That's not the case after a storm. We will pick those things up complimentary, you just have to call public works and schedule it."

The number for public works is 501-851-2512.