After the Storm: Wintry weather means busy week in North Little Rock

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The view from a muddy downtown North Little Rock after last week’s snow. (Gwen Green photo)

While people mostly stayed inside during last week’s record cold and snow, that wasn’t the case for city of North Little Rock employees as essential services were still needed and performed.

“I am very proud of the tremendous effort by our police and fire departments and also our Street, Parks and Electric Departments, last week,” North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick said.

He should be, everyone was hopping.

From 218 police department calls for stalled vehicles to 14 residential, commercial and vehicle fire calls handled by the fire department to 169 medical calls to 24 hour days for five days straight for the street department as they salted and sanded and plowed city streets until the work week ended at 10 p.m. on Feb. 19.

The break didn’t last long for the street department.

“Street Department Crew was out [Wednesday] repairing potholes and checking damage to the city streets,” City spokeswoman Shara Booth Brazear said. “Anyone seeing any potholes or damage to the streets should call 501-340-5355 and the Street Department works to repair all potholes within 48 hours of notification.”

The city also provided an overnight warming center for the unhoused that started on Feb. 10 and ended on Feb. 19. It was also busy with dozens staying some nights.

By the Numbers

  • 48: Accidents worked by North Little Rock Police

  • 366: Transports of medical personnel, officers, dispatchers, to and from work by North Little Rock police officers

  • 34: Weather related welfare checks

  • 218: Stalled vehicle checks

  • 11: Police assists for Fire Department calls

  • 58: Fire Department false alarm calls

  • 132: Fire Department assists for local residents

  • 22: Fire calls for alarm malfunctions

  • 34: Fire unintentional alarm calls

  • 29: Fire calls for burst pipes

  • 70: Fire calls for commercial and/or residential alarms, mostly for water flow alerts

  • 9:  Fire calls for commercial and/or residential fires

  • 4: Fire Calls for vehicle fires

  • 1: Fire Call for a telephone pole fire

  • 2: Fire calls for electrical lines down

  • 1: Fire call for an elevator emergency

  • 169: Fire calls for medical assists for MEMS