celebrates six-month anniversary launched on Nov. 30, 2020, and that makes this Sunday the six-month anniversary of the site and weekly newsletter.

By the time you read the next newsletter, we’ll have moved on to month seven.

Along the way, we’ve picked up thousands of readers who are deeply interested in local news, sports and opinion. We’ve published 400 pieces of news, sports and opinion, and, as a matter of fact, this article is the 400th.

The site is updated five to six days a week, depending on the news of the day. Those daily articles are then aggregated into weekly newsletters (30, so far) that go out by email to paid subscribers and others who have signed up for free distribution.

The newsletter comes out on Thursdays. Since the start of the Minor League Baseball season, another weekly newsletter has joined the rotation. The “Baseball on Broadway” email covers the Arkansas Travelers and comes out on Mondays. 

The site and the newsletters have been extremely well received.’s focus is Maumelle, North Little Rock and north Pulaski County. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we beefed up health coverage with the invaluable Kaiser Health News on Covid-19, along with must-read pieces on seniors and other healthcare issues.

Along the way, we’ve reported from Hot Springs and Melbourne and Mammoth Spring and many stops in and around town. Countless hours spent watching public meetings on Facebook Live and YouTube resulted in coverage of local school boards, city councils and planning commissions. 

Covid has increased the level of difficulty of even very basic reporting, but as vaccinations rise along with the temperatures, hopefully the news gathering will get simpler.

A special thanks to all who have invested in paid subscriptions and everyone else who has signed up and read the site. We also appreciate the social media likes and shares and the newsletter forwards. 

Your community matters, and it should have a local news source that reports community news, sports and opinion. 

State-wide news outlets have no interest or desire to report on planning commission meetings or a carwash coming to Maumelle or high school soccer. But, based on the numbers, the readers are there, and you’re willing to support local reporting by reading and subscribing.

So thank you again for supporting this experiment in local newsgathering.

Paid subscribers should be on the lookout for a survey coming to your email. As we look to fine-tune coverage for summer and fall, we want your feedback about what you want to read.

Don’t forget

Memorial Day is Monday, and a ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. at the Maumelle Veterans Memorial at Lake Willastein.