Bill Russell: Disappointed in Lowery

Guest Column

As a resident of Maumelle, I was disappointed State Rep. Mark Lowery signed on last month to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit contesting the Presidential election in at least four states on what appears to be the belief of election fraud and the belief that State Legislatures should set the rules for elections rather than local officials.

Rep. Lowery took this action after multiple Courts, Republican judges, and Republican election officials including the President’s own appointed U.S. Attorney General and Director of Cyber/Election Security declared after a month of investigations that there was no evidence of significant election fraud to justify overturning election results.

I’m no legal authority but it is also beyond my comprehension that a Republican-laden Supreme Court would refuse to hear such a lawsuit if it believed there was credible evidence of significant fraud or unconstitutional conduct.

I am nearly 75 years old, served 31 years in the military and as a political independent have voted for candidates of both parties. I believe that the Constitution IS the United States, and I will vehemently oppose any action by either Party that even remotely appears to be an assault on Democracy for political power. The “facts“ seem to be that in 2016 Donald Trump won the Presidency with 306 Electoral Votes and no significant election fraud. In 2020, Joe Biden won the Presidency with 306 Electoral votes and no significant election fraud.

In recent weeks I have heard Conservatives comment that it felt like society was “rigged against them."


Conservatives control the Supreme Court and for the past four years controlled both the Presidency and the U.S. Senate.

It is past time for all this posturing, division, and mythology to cease and for real Leaders to tell the people the simple truth: Joe Biden won the Presidency.

Hopefully our State Legislature will move to address such issues as Covid deaths, health care, economic relief, and the protection of hospitals, teachers and students with the same zeal that many have shown for overturning elections.

Guest columnist Bill Russell is a retired Army Colonel, and a retired Communications Specialist with the University of Arkansas. He lives in Maumelle.