Bill Russell: Vote ‘em out

The inaction of both the Executive and Legislative Branches of State Government in the face of a Statewide Public Health Emergency is far beyond my ability to either comprehend or tolerate. It would seem the very essence of common sense to at least delegate to the local School Districts the authority to mandate masks in public schools and vaccinations where age appropriate. Something must be done to curtail this surge that surely will now affect our most vulnerable school children in ever increasing numbers.

Is the lust for Re-election, the need for Power and the fear of the populace so great that it prohibits the speaking of medical and scientific truths? Is it so addictive that it blinds the eye to the bravery and needs of our Nurses, Physicians, and Teachers? Have we learned nothing from history?

During the recent Special Session  not one Bill was proposed  to so much as offer hazardous pay bonuses to these Arkansans on the front lines. This despite a significant financial surplus in the State’s Treasury. Not even a formal Legislative Resolution of Appreciation for these workers could be mustered.

 Mark Twain once opined that Politicians and Diapers must be changed often and for the same reason.

Unfortunately the current “do nothing” politicians in our State bring this maxim home in a devastatingly vivid manner.

Remember who they are and Vote ‘em out.

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