Cookie monster: The search continues

The perfect cookie, one assumes, exists, right?

And that perfect cookie might be very different from person to person.

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Perhaps one appreciates the crisp, biscuit-style, while others might want more of a chewy masterpiece. Then you have so many other options:

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Oatmeal

  • Raisin

  • Oatmeal and Raisin (In this economy?)

And so many others

The perfect cookie is a conglomeration of sugar and butter and magic that somehow comes together after a few minutes at 350 degrees.

Part of the joy is the search and when word filtered down that Bryant, or is it Benton?, had opened a Crumbl franchise, it was worth a drive to Saline County.

The second in Arkansas, the Saline County storefront is located at 20770 Interstate 30 N, Suite 135 in Benton. The other in-state spot is in Bentonville,

There’s nearly 400 locations in 36 states, and more are underway.

For more on Crumbl, click here.

It ended up being two drives.

The first ended in disappointment after seeing a line that stretched out of the cookie shop and down the stripmall sidewalk. The disappointment was lessened by hitting a Dairy Queen that was next door.

The second trip was better. No line, at least not one that ran out of the building.

The in-store ordering experience can be done two ways. There’s two tablet kiosks that allow you to order and pay when you go in, or you can stand in line and order from a clerk.

As a first-timer, the clerk seemed a better option plus it had the benefit of having that week’s cookies on display.

That’s one of Crumbl’s hooks. The cookies change from week to week with six options available.

On that day, they ranged from basic chocolate chip and sugar cookies to more elaborate Lucky Charm Cereal and salted caramel chocolate cookies. On that particular visit, the chocolate chip was sold out for the day.

The cookies are substantial. Measuring some three inches across and thick.

They also came with some serving advice, with some meant to be eaten warm, while others, like a chocolate frosted, mint cookie was chilled.

They’re also expensive.

A four-pack of cookies was not quite $15 and, truthfully, at that price point, they’re not worth it.

It was oddly reminiscent of Hurt’s Donuts in downtown Little Rock. Big, elaborate confectionary concoctions that also came with a large price tag that made the whole experience a little unsettling.

I mean, the cookies were all eaten. Let’s not be crazy. They’re cookies.

But, big but(t), at that price, four boxes of Girl Scout cookies could have been had and it would have been much more satisfying.

If you want to give it a go, feel free, but the price, plus the drive, makes for an expensive and unsatisfying combination. 

The search continues. 

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