Covid just gets worse

The kids call it “doom scrolling.”

It is a way to describe the act of looking at your phone as you scroll through all the doom and gloom news these days.

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The ongoing pandemic is exhausting. There’s so many other things that need to be written, or reported on, or just about anything else but doom scrolling is also another way of saying, this is what reporter types do for a living. 

So if this comes across as glum, that’s right. Things are bad and getting explosively worse.

Arkansas added 10,974 Covid cases on Wednesday. The state now has 71,132 people who are sick with Covid. That means that about 2.5 percent of the entire state is sick and that nearly 50,000 cases have been added just this month. And, it is worth remembering, on Christmas, Arkansas had 9,942 Covid cases. So three weeks, more than 60,000 cases.

Arkansas has also literally broken the forecast chart from the CDC as it only projects to 800 new weekly deaths, and the top end numbers are above that and past the frame.

The death count in Arkansas is now at 9,372. More will be added daily, as numbers get updated.

And when people say it is “mild” they aren’t exactly lying but they aren’t exactly telling the truth either.

Mild – as defined by health care clinicians – means, you will have in some combination: “fever, fatigue, persistent cough, diarrhea, abdominal pain and loss of appetite.”

It will be, for some, the sickest they have ever felt in their life. That isn’t mild. That’s awful.

So what to do, besides doom scrolling all day?

  • Get vaccinated, if you haven’t

  • Get boosted, if you haven’t.

  • Wear a mask, if you aren’t

  • Avoid crowds.

The tools are there. Just use them.