Covid vaccination rates by school district released

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement released Covid vaccination rates broken down by school district on Wednesday.

It is important to note that the vaccination numbers are for all residents inside the school districts and not the percentage of vaccinated students and staff at the districts.

To view the map, click here.

The numbers provided are from a partnership with ACHI and the Arkansas Department of Health. 

ACHI also said on Wednesday that breakdowns on vaccination rates by zip code and community will be coming later this year.

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The data is based on numbers from Aug. 16 for the 234 school districts inside the state.

Pulaski County has four school districts and the numbers for each are:

  • Pulaski County Special ... 45 percent

  • Little Rock ... 43 percent

  • North Little Rock ... 37 percent

  • Jacksonville ... 31 percent

As of Wednesday morning, Pulaski County had a total vaccination rate of 45 percent, while the state was at 40 percent of its eligible population vaccinated. 

There's been 52,807 cases reported in the county since the ongoing pandemic began and a total of 786 deaths.

State-wide, there's been 438,465 cases reported with 6,749 deaths. Or just under the population of Osceola and its 6,908 people. The state's death count would be the Arkansas’s 52nd largest city.

There's been 52 percent of the state's population that has received at least one dose with 64 percent of those 18 and up having gotten at least one shot, with those numbers even better for those 65 and up as 83 percent of them have been vaccinated at least once.

For a breakdown of state-wide numbers, click here.

“Once again, we are seeking to provide local information to support local policymakers in decisions related to COVID-19,” said ACHI President and CEO Dr. Joe Thompson in a release. “This will allow them to know how much protection a community has achieved in support of schools.”

The Bentonville School District is first in the state with 46 percent vaccinated but Pulaski County Special is right behind at 45 percent, with Little Rock coming in at 43 percent, and both are among the state's top five in terms of total population vaccinated.

Fouke School District, in southwest Arkansas, is last in the state with just 2 percent of its total resident population vaccinated. But that number comes with a caveat, if a person had a vaccination down in another state, in this case, Texas, then it wouldn't be reflected in Arkansas's numbers.

Christus St. Michael, the regional hospital in Texarkana is on the Texas state line and has had regular mass Covid vaccination clinics that drew residents from Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.