Daffodils abound on Wye Mountain

Hard to believe snow was still on the ground on Sunday as temperatures are now a more spring like 70 degrees and with the warmer weather, an annual tradition like none other is back.

A drive up to Wye Mountain with its thousands of daffodils covering some 10 acres beside its namesake United Methodist Church

The daffodils and the church are both in Perry County and north and west of Little Rock on Highway 10. It is roughly parallel to Mayflower and a solid 40 minute drive from most anywhere with people. While getting there is half the fun, the payoff are the flowers

Wye Mountain daffodils in full bloom. (Photos by Gwen Green)

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What you get is a remarkable, near 10 acres of nothing but daffodils, mostly still in in full bloom with most varieties a bright yellow, while some are paler and others nearly white.

In this ongoing pandemic, social distancing is easy given the acreage.

The church there is a former United Brethren congregation with the building raised in August 1928. United Brethren and the Methodists combined in the 1960s to form the United Methodist denomination.