'Done with Covid,' whatever that means

One of the things going around is people claiming they’re “done with Covid.”

As if a once-in-a-century public health crisis is something that could be wished away.

It isn’t really clear what “done with Covid” means anyway.

There’s no meaningful restrictions on life. You can still go to the movies or go out to eat or go to a ballgame.

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A recent trip to St. Louis, the only imposition was wearing a mask at the airports, and on the flights.

That’s hardly draconian and or some dramatic takedown of my personal liberties. You haven’t been able to fly with fingernail clippers for two decades but sure, it is the mask that’s the problem. Now excuse me while I strip down for the TSA security theater.

The reality is that the actual pandemic itself has had the greatest impact on my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I lost a job. I lost time with family and friends. I’ve missed important moments and cancelled trips, all because of this damnable, ongoing plague and the massive and orchestrated campaign to keep it going for political gain.

Truth be told, as a person who has always had seasonal cold, or flu, for as long as they can remember, I’ve frankly enjoyed not being sick for the last couple of years.

Has everything else been terrible? Yes, absolutely.

But DayQuil in the morning and NyQuil at night has been a routine I’m glad to be rid of.

So, yes, the mask has help. So has been working from home.

Of course, you know who else is done with Covid?

The 43 Arkansans who died on Wednesday. A new record for the state.

The previous record was Tuesday when it was 39 people who died.

The total number of deaths, in Arkansas, is 9,733.

An unfathomable amount of loss in a state of barely three million.

It is going to get worse. The Covid death forecast from the Centers for Disease Control is, again, off the charts bad. With the top line forecast well past 12,000.

There’s been 222,399 cases added just this year as omicron has had its way with Arkansans. On Jan. 2, it was 567,824 cases. Today it was 790,223.

If you don’t want to get sick and die, there’s some things you can do.

  • Get vaccinated

  • Get boosted

  • Wear a mask

  • Avoid crowds.