Education notes: District partners with Innovation Hub

Science fairs are an essential part of education but pulling one off during the ongoing pandemic would be difficult to say the least.

That’s why the Pulaski County Special School District is partnering with the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub and Winrock International to make science fairs possible this coming spring.
The plan has been dubbed the  “Innovation Invention Challenge” and will “challenge students” in a “new, innovative way,” the district said.

“All students are encouraged to participate,” said Laura Strickland, the district’s instructional strategist. “We won't have a definite number of participants until late next week.”
Strickland said the sessions will be conducted virtually with Zoom  because of Covid-19 and will encourage students to learn new skills, while working with those already in science-based fields.

“The Innovation Invention Challenge inspires students to think outside the box to find solutions to problems using technology,” Strickland added in a press release. “The mentorship and networking opportunities available through this challenge are unique and will aid students from across the state.”

Students will learn, among other things, Computer Aided Design, or CAD, vector design and branding design.
Those skills would then be incorporated into projects that would be presented to a panel of judges.
The Challenge will start this month and be completed by Feb. 17, 2021.

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Maumelle, Mills partner for winter dance

Maumelle and Mills high schools combined forces on the stage for a winter dance, called “What Christmas Means to Me.”

“The Winter Dance Concert is an opportunity for our theatre dance students to showcase what they have been working on during the Fall semester,” said Shoshanna Moore, the dance teacher for both high schools. “Our students began rehearsing their dances in mid-October for the dance concert. A combination of in class, virtual and individual rehearsing was necessary in order to make the dances a success.”

An outdoor concert

It was a crisp afternoon for a concert, but a performance it was, at the Maumelle High School’s  jazz band, percussion ensemble, brass choir, woodwind choir, and concert band all performed gathered on Saturday, Dec. 5 at the Lake Willastein Amphitheater.
Those in attendance gathered with lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the show.
Kerry Blakemore serves as band director, while assistant band directors are Mary Poppelreiter and Robert Meadows.