From the Archives: Rings around Maumelle

This was published Sept. 29, 2015 in the Maumelle Monitor

By Jeremy Peppas

Ed Dozier was working as a Little Rock advertising man when Jess Odom gave him a call nearly four decades ago.

Odom was developing what he was calling New Town, the real estate development that eventually became Maumelle, and Odom needed a logo, something to represent the city.

"I designed it," Dozier said of the three interlocking rings that became Maumelle's logo and the subject of some discussion about placing those rings back at the city's entrances on Maumelle Boulevard.

"Jess was wanting something and I came up with it," Dozier, now retired and living in Hot Springs.

The rings he said, aren't really rings.

"The top one, that's an ‘O' for Odom," Dozier said with a laugh. The other two represent the neighborhoods and they interlock to show how everything is connected. And Jess loved it, he thought they all looked like a bunch of Odom ‘O's' and that's what he went with."

Dozier's connection to Maumelle deepened when be became the first person to build and live in a home there.

"It was right outside Maumelle Country Club," Dozier said. "There's a plaque on the house that says it was the first one built there. And it made my client [Odom] happy that I was the first one out there."

Dozier, along with a group of investors, also owned the Maumelle Country Club for a time before selling it back to the members.

Now retired and living in Hot Springs, Dozier still gets back to Maumelle on occasion as a daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren still live there.