Getting Covid-19 vaccine was ‘easy’

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Brandon Achor, with Achor Family Pharmacy, is seen administering the Covid-19 vaccine last week at a mass vaccination clinic held at Maumelle Charter for school employees. (Photo from Facebook)

Kelli Reep is Director of Communications for Methodist Family Health and they operate Methodist Behavioral Hospital in Maumelle, among other facilities. She is among those who have gotten vaccinated for Covid-19 and her employer chose Maumelle’s Achor Family Pharmacy to run its local vaccination program.

Reep, who has gotten both rounds of vaccine, was able to answer some questions about the vaccination process from her perspective.

A transcript of the question and answer session has been lightly edited and is below.

  • How did you choose Achor Family Achor to do your vaccinations?

Our hospital administrator was researching a pharmacy that could provide the vaccine and administer it to our frontline healthcare workers. Brandon Achor agreed to set up a clinic for our central Arkansas locations.

  • Did you also seek to be vaccinated at other locations?

We have locations throughout the state, and arrangements were made for employees to get the vaccine local to them. 

  • How long did you wait from getting on the list to getting the first shot? 

The central Arkansas clinic was set up just for Methodist Family Health for our team members. We received an email and online registry form one week and had our first vaccine the next week. Same for the second vaccine. Mine was Jan. 5 and Jan. 26. 

  • How would you describe that experience?

It took no time. For Little Rock, we had it in a facility where nothing else was going on those days. You walked in, had your temperature checked, answered some screening questions then completed a form. You then handed that form to the pharmacist, sat down, chose the arm you wanted to receive the shot, got the shot then moved to an area to wait until the pharmacist told you that you were ready to go. It took maybe 10 minutes total, all completely socially distanced, everyone in masks and hand sanitizer everywhere. At our hospital in Maumelle, the clinic was set up specifically for our team members there. It was onsite, and every health and safety precaution taken. For our employees to get the vaccine at work made it easy, convenient and expedient. 

  • What would you tell people who are anxious or worried about getting vaccinated? 

When I learned we could get the vaccine, I felt a huge dread lift from my shoulders. I did not realize how much it negatively affected me knowing people all around were getting Covid, and other than staying home, wearing a mask and limiting any contact I could with people, I didn’t have a way to ensure mine of another’s safety. I truly was thrilled at the opportunity to get the vaccine. I would tell someone to get it simply for the peace of mind that they are ensuring the safety of others by getting the vaccine. 

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

I am grateful to the leadership at Methodist Family Health for being one of the first to organize this clinic for our team members. I also thank Brandon Achor for agreeing to help us when he was approached by our leadership. He did it for no other reason that it was good for the community.