Jodie Mahony files as Maumelle Mayoral Candidate

Jodie Mahony, a 25 year resident of Maumelle, has announced that he has filed as a candidate for Mayor of Maumelle.

"The future of Maumelle is now." Mahony said in a press release. "I will grow Maumelle by utilizing resources to bring new businesses, restaurants, retail and industry to our city. I will establish an open-door policy at city hall for all residents and business owners. As a long-time Maumelle resident and former lobbyist, I comprehend what is necessary to unite our residents and make Maumelle a true Live, Work, Play community."

Mahony has the experience necessary to take the city of Maumelle to the next level. Jodie is promising transparency, fiscal responsibility, a decrease in the mayor's salary and more competitive compensation packages for Maumelle's first responders. Mahony understands the importance of our parks and trail system and will be "hands on" in their maintenance and improvement.

About Jodie Mahony: Jodie has served as a lobbyist for several Arkansas nonprofits, held several positions on numerous non-profit boards in Central Arkansas, actively participated in leadership roles of civic organizations, and, most recently, works as a substitute teacher at Maumelle charter school, a role he took on during the pandemic. He is also a small business owner with his wife, Theda Mahony, who currently serves as the Executive Director at the Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce. Jodie enjoys living on Lake Willastein with his wife and two dogs. He can frequently be found gardening or fishing with his children and grandsons.