Maumelle Charter sets new high school opening, school reconfigurations and principal appointments 

The new Maumelle Charter High School located at 9701 White Oak Crossing in North Little Rock will be completed and open to students August 2022.  

The new school will serve 8th through 12th grade students. Due to adding a new campus, the Maumelle Charter Schools' grade levels will be reconfigured.   

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The current Maumelle Charter Elementary School building, serving kindergarten through 5th grade students, will be reconfigured to serve kindergarten through 3rd grade students.  

The current high school building, serving 6th through 12th grade students, will be reconfigured to serve 4th through 7th grade students and be renamed Maumelle Charter Middle School.  Both schools are located at 900 Edgewood Drive. 

The school also announced that Katie Johnson, above, has been named the principal for Maumelle Charter High School for the 2022-2023 school year. Johnson is in her first year as the school's principal now.

She was previously an assistant principal, counselor and teacher at the school. Before coming to Maumelle Charter she worked in higher education at the University of Central Arkansas.

The school also announced that Paula Newton has been named the future principal for the Maumelle Charter Middle School.

Newton will remain the principal of Maumelle Charter Elementary School until June 30, 2022.  On July 1, 2022, she will become the principal of the newly formed middle school.  Newton has served as the elementary school principal for more than five years.  

Newton was previously the principal at Alpena Elementary School and before that was a kindergarten teacher in the Little Rock School District and also taught in the Stuttgart School District.

A search for the new principal for Maumelle Charter Elementary School will begin during the spring semester of 2022.