Maumelle: City Council accepts settlement

The Maumelle City Council had a special meeting on Wednesday night and decided to accept a settlement with former city employee Jennifer Corriveau.

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The meeting had been called by Mayor Caleb Norris. The vote was 6-0 and the meeting was adjourned after a short 11 minutes.

Council members Ken Saunders and Steve Mosley were both absent.

The settlement was for a total of $30,000 with $10,000 going to the plaintiff and $20,000 going to pay attorneys' fees.

A previous settlement was rejected earlier this month, 6-2, but that was partially over an unspecified amount for legal fees.

The case started August 2018 and was over unpaid overtime from Corriveau’s time in the city's Public Works department. It was related specifically to time spent during her lunch hour catching phone calls, while she was on her break.

At the Council meeting, it was said the city "had binders of information" related to how the time was spent.

Most federal cases take about 18 months to two years but the case was continued three times due to issues with the federal courts and the ongoing pandemic.

The Council meeting can be viewed by clicking below.