Maumelle: City Council report

This week’s meeting moved along quickly, so I’ll do the same and be brief with my report.

The Council approved an ordinance that will make R-3 (multi-family housing) a conditional use in Commercial 2 zoning. Currently, if a property is zoned C-2, multi-family housing is automatically allowed. Going forward, it can still be allowed, but will have to go through an additional review process and pass through the city council.

Three items were all on second reading this week and will be voted on at the Nov. 1 meeting.

  1. An ordinance to approve a franchise agreement with Unite Private Networks so they can offer data and internet service in Maumelle.

  2. An ordinance adding newly annexed land in Maumelle into Ward 4.

  3. An ordinance that will allow architectural metal to be used in commercial building design in Maumelle.

The Council unanimously approved the rezoning of property to the north and east of Commercial Park Drive to Commercial 2. This land was formerly zoned C-3 and the C-2 zoning will fit better since a residential neighborhood for seniors is being built across the street. C-3 is a heavier type of commercial zoning and the C-2 classification will provide for better commercial opportunities in close proximity to residential.

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An ordinance updating our city rights-of-way standards was back on the agenda after being tabled earlier this Summer. Once again, this ordinance was tabled for an additional three months while we continue to monitor progress on the Public Service Commission case between Entergy and Maumelle.

Under new business, the Council discussed an upcoming workshop that will be held Monday, Oct. 25 in regard to our need to redistrict our wards. 

 Due to growth in Maumelle, we need to redraw the city’s ward map and evenly balance 25 percent of the population into each ward. Wards 1 and 2 have grown much more than the other two wards in our city. As such, wards 1 and 2 will need to shrink and some of this territory will need to be added into wards 3 and 4 in order to balance our population. 

Another report on the workshop will come out next week.

For more on the 6 p.m. workshop, click here.