Maumelle: City Council report

Funds approved for Club Manor redesign; Food Truck park and Farmers Market proposal

There was a lengthy agenda of new business items at the April 4 meeting of the Maumelle City Council, so I’m going to focus on those in my review since there wasn’t any action taken on old business this week.

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Much of the council agenda was focused on growth in our city and new projects that will be taking place in the coming years. The first item we reviewed was a new phase of Osage Terrace that will be constructed where Maumelle Valley Drive currently ends. This phase will include 17 new lots for homes. This project was approved by the council.

The second item we reviewed was a project called The Reserve at Country Club. This development will be located at the far eastern end of Country Club Parkway where the roadway currently ends. This project will include lots for 141 homes. This project was approved by the council.

The next item was a request by Maumelle Country Club to build a shed or “lean-to” structure on their property to protect one of their storage areas from the elements. This request was approved.

Next on the agenda, Sarah Smith, from the Mayor’s office, gave a presentation on a proposed food truck park and farmers market area that would be built on city-owned property on the southwest corner of Millwood and Maumelle Boulevard, as seen above.

This is the site where the old fire station and courts building is currently located. 

If you’re like me, you’ve become a fan of food trucks over the past few years, and I enjoy visiting various trucks in the area. This project would allow for a central park in Maumelle for food trucks to locate so that our residents can visit. Additionally, it could be used for a farmers market or other events. 

This project is in the beginning phase and the mayor wants to solicit feedback from residents on what they’d like to see included in this park. This location would also tie into the new Central Arkansas Greenway that will run through Maumelle as well as be connected to the proposed pedestrian pathway that will run down Club Manor Drive.

Moving on to the Club Manor redesign, the council approved appropriating $300,000 to begin engineering and design work on a redesign of the entire length of Club Manor. This project would change the current 4-lane vehicular roadway to a 2-lane roadway with a median and large pathway for pedestrians. 

This project is designed to incorporate the Central Arkansas Greenway as it runs north along the river on its way to Conway. This would pull the greenway off the boulevard and have it run down Club Manor to benefit our city’s businesses and future growth along this important commercial corridor. It will also allow much greater access for pedestrians wanting to cross over Club Manor from

Lake Willastein and the residential areas located to the west of Club Manor. At the northern end of Club Manor, the greenway would then move east onto city property and head directly through the proposed food truck park and farmer’s market.

Next on the agenda were two companion ordinances that would update Maumelle’s Land Use and Zoning maps. This is simply an administrative ordinance that updates our current maps to reflect all the changes that have been approved over the last few years. Going forward, when a land use or zoning change is approved, we will run companion ordinances at the same time to update our maps at the same time.

The last item on the agenda was an ordinance to update notification and advertising requirements for proposed changes to the use of real property in the city. This ordinance would standardize our notification requirements and update existing code to modernize how reporting is done for property changes.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I’d especially enjoy feedback regarding the proposed changes to Club Manor as well as the proposed food truck court and farmer’s market. 

Thanks, Chad. 501-529-1336,