Maumelle: Council Meeting report

This week’s meeting was lengthy with Mayor Caleb Norris providing his state of the city address as well as the presentation of the 2018 audit (yes, from 4 years ago). 

Watch the speech, about 40 minutes long, by clicking below.

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Regarding the audit, our finance department under the direction of Liz Mathis, has made great strides in cleaning up the city’s overdue financial reporting.  While the 2018 audit was presented this week, the city is already wrapping up the 2019 audit and the auditing firm will be on-site in the coming weeks to do their portion of the work.  They plan to present the 2019 audit by April of this year.  At that point, they’ll move to complete the 2020 audit by the end of June and the 2021 audit in the second half of this year.

Moving to unfinished business, the council approved the O’Reilly Senior Living project to be built on Crystal Hill Road.  I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a very well-designed project and will be an excellent addition to our community for those that want to age in place close to family members in Maumelle.  The project passed by a 6-2 vote of the council.

Next, the council approved a new ward map that will rebalance the population in the city’s wards into four equal areas.  This map will be used until the next census is completed in 2030 when the city will redistrict again based on the population of Maumelle at that time.

Finally, under old business, the council had the second reading of an ordinance that will allow for a grading permit in our city.  This is another option for developers to use if they want to develop a property without having to obtain a building permit for the property.  However, there are provisions in this permit process which will require replanting of the area if the project is not completed within a reasonable time.  This isn’t something that will be used often, but is an alternate path to get a parcel of land ready for development.

That’s it for the week.  Thanks, Chad. 501-529-1336,