Maumelle: Masks still required for city buildings

Maumelle Mayor Caleb Norris said Tuesday night that a mask mandate will be in place for city buildings and masks will still be required at schools in the Pulaski County Special School District, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

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The flurry of activity on masks staying in place was because Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced on Tuesday afternoon that the state-wide mask mandate was being lifted immediately but that cities could still continue with masks if they so choose.

“For the time being, the City is requiring masks be worn in City buildings,” Norris said and explained the decision in part because, “we still have frontline employees that have only recently become eligible for vaccinations and are still not considered ‘fully vaccinated’.”

But, Norris’s decision comes with an important caveat.

“I do not plan to introduce an ordinance that requires the wearing of masks city-wide,” he added.

The school district said masks “will remain in place until further review by the [School Board] at its next meeting on April 13.”

Masks will also be required at high school sporting events as well and private businesses inside the city can still require masks for entry. Wal-Mart, for one, is among the many that have said masks will still be required for shopping at their stores.