Maumelle: Planning Commission meets

The Maumelle Planning Commission had its meeting a week early due to the Christmas holiday as it was held last Thursday, Dec. 16.

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The meeting had three items of new business and you can view the agenda by clicking here and watch a stream of the meeting by clicking below.

The meeting was an hour and 10 minutes long, so get a cup of coffee if you want to watch the whole thing.

The three items were all approved and are:

Project DS (STP-21-04), 150 Champs Boulevard, a 119-acre, industrial warehouse facility that would be in the city's industrial park and directly behind Maumelle High School. It was approved at the 14:02 mark.

O’Reilly Senior Development (RZE-21-3; CUSE-21-3; STP-21-6), 11925 Crystal Hill Road, a second attempt at getting approval for a senior living development in Maumelle. It had been previously approved by the planning commission but voted down at a City Council meeting earlier this year. It was approved at the 23:02 mark.

Old Water Treatment Facility (Maumelle Country Club) (CUSE-21-4; SUB-21-15), 99 Club Manor Drive, an event center has been proposed for that space behind the clubhouse of Maumelle Country Club. It was approved at the 1:05:38 mark.

All approvals then go on to the City Council for final approval.