Maumelle: Planning Commission to look at additional development for city

A rendering of one of the five buildings proposed for Isabell’s Court at the intersection of Carnahan Court and Club Manor Drive.
  • Editor’s note: This article has been revised since it was published on Tuesday.

The Maumelle Planning Commission is scheduled to meet at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday night and on the agenda is a proposed five-building complex at the intersection of Carnahan Court and Club Manor Drive.

When this piece was published, the buildings were described as “apartments” but Eric Holloway at Holloway Engineering noted they should be more accurately described as “townhomes” and said the development would be, “basically row houses like Hendrix Village in Conway or some that are” in downtown North Little Rock.

He also said each unit would be 1,320 square feet with two floors. The living room and kitchen on the first floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor.

The developer is Daryl Brock of Daryl Brock Custom Homes of Conway and the proposed development has been dubbed as “Isabell’s Court” and it will cover 1.74 acres with five, two-story buildings, plus parking and each building will feature five units for a total of 25.

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The property is zoned as Residential-3, or R-3, and that allows “for the highest resident population in the city” and “may contain structures at a density of up to 35 dwelling units per gross acre.”

The other item of note in the Planning Commission agenda is additional homes coming to Country Club of Arkansas.

This development is XXIV-C, or 24-C, and is part of the long-standing plan for the property. The 24-C area is adjacent to 24-B and is the eastern extension of Corondelet Lane.

Addition of 51 lots to Country Club of Arkansas. Cypress Bay Development is the developer and it would 51 lots to Country Club of Arkansas.

Both proposals are represented by Holloway Engineering and the meeting will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall.

For the complete agenda, click here.