Maumelle: Planning Commission to review 221 lot development outside of city

A proposed 80-acre development just west of Maumelle’s city limits.

The Maumelle Planning Commission will meet this Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall in a regular monthly meeting.

The agenda features a significant, new subdivision that is planned just west of the city limits.

The property lies in the extra territorial district of the city and is subject to review by the Planning Commission but that’s all. Since it is outside of the city limits, it is not contingent on approval from the City Council.

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The property is 80 acres in total and would feature 221 lots. It would also include a clubhouse with a pool and would be gated, but those gates would open automatically for cars as they pulled up. Each lot would be an average of .365 acres and the development is roughly shaped like a very large “L”.

Dr. Shabbir A. Dharamsey, a cardiologist, owns the property that would be developed and is attached to many other residential developments in central Arkansas.

Dr. Shabbir A. Dharamsey

The complete agenda can be viewed by clicking here.