Maumelle police respond to shooting, pit bull attack

Last Wednesday, Aug. 24, Maumelle police responded to a report of a shooting on Apple Blossom Road.

Patrolman Christopher Mayfield wrote in the narrative of a report on the incident that a caller told him an older man was walking his dog and that he may have fired a gun.

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That man was Marcus Higgins, “who was bleeding from the face and arms.”

“Higgins stated that he was in his front yard with his small dog who was on a leash when two larger Pit Bull mix dogs attacked his dog,” Mayfield wrote. “Higgins stated that he fell to the ground and one of the loose dogs attacked him. … I asked about a gun being fired and Higgins advised he did shoot but missed.”

Higgins told Mayfield that he had Smith & Wesson 380 in his front pocket and was a concealed handgun license.

Mayfield also noted that Higgins’ dog was bleeding from the attack.

More officers responded to the scene and the Pit Bull dogs were located at another home on the street. 

“One of the dogs was bleeding from a gunshot wound.”

MEMS took Higgins to the hospital in North Little Rock.

Doorbell video showed Higgins walking to the mailbox with his dog at 8:51 p.m. where it ends. It starts back at 8:54 p.m. with him “bleeding” and saying “he had been attacked by dogs.”

Officers issued citations for Paul Stehley, who owned the Pit Bull dogs.

In a next day report from Detective Brittany Cruse, who was at the scene the day of, said in her report, “I asked Stehley if there had been any reason to believe these dogs were aggressive, prior to this incident. Stehley advised that 4-5 years ago, there had been an incident between one of the dogs and a puppy, advising that they were playing and it became aggressive; but stated that there were no other incidents that would cause him to believe that the dogs were aggressive.”

Stehley was told that it was possible the dogs would be euthanized, he then “appeared lethargic

and apologetic.”

Cruse also noted the dog belonging to Higgins had died from its injuries.