Maumelle: Public meeting on annexation tonight

A public meeting will be held at 6 p.m. tonight on the proposed annexation of the Pinnacle Heights property.

The meeting will be held at the Jess Odom Community Center and was announced on Monday by Maumelle City Clerk and Treasurer Tina Timmons.

The meeting was discussed at the City Council meeting that night.

“The property owner voluntarily agreed to meet with some residents,” Mayor Caleb Norris said then.

What was on the agenda, was a proposed second reading for the property at Ridgeland Drive to be voluntarily annexed into the city.

The property owner, Dr. Shabbir A. Dharamsey, filed for the voluntary annexation on July 9 and the development would include 186 single-family lots.

Now, that development has been delayed as the City Council voted 8-0 to push back the second reading to the first meeting in September. The property is 80 acres in total, and would include a clubhouse. Each lot would be an average of .365 acres and the development is roughly shaped like a very large “L”, as seen below.

A proposed 80-acre development just west of Maumelle’s city limits.

The proposed development was first brought up at the March meeting of the Maumelle Planning Commission as it is in the extra territorial jurisdiction of the city.

Another voluntary annexation, the Bradley property, was also on the agenda Monday night and its second reading was held with the third reading scheduled for September and its eventual passage.

As the Ridgeland development is outside the city limits, the Council could deny the voluntary annexation but that wouldn’t stop the developer from continuing with the project.

Norris said on Thursday morning call that the voluntary annexation would be better for Maumelle as it would allow the city to influence happenings inside the development. He also said that the proposed development would be in phases and that the first phase calls for 30 new homes, and while that would increase traffic on Ridgeland, he said those numbers would be comparable to Manitou Drive.

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