Maumelle: Purse snatching reported, gun recovered

A purse snatching was reported to the Maumelle Police Department on Tuesday.
The incident occurred in the area of Deauville and Montpellier drives, just off Maumelle Boulevard.

A press release from the department said that officers responded to the area, and spoke with a female who told them she was walking home “when a light green Mercury Marquis” with two occupants pulled up beside her, one displayed a handgun “in an attempt to steal her purse.”
One grabbed the purse, but the woman said she held on and was dragged approximately 10 to 15 feet before letting go.
“A witness reported something being thrown from the vehicle” and officers said they recovered a handgun at the scene.
The woman reported minor injuries and was not transported to the hospital.
If you have any information on the incident, please call the police department at 501-851-1337.