Moore on Maumelle: My Take

I hardly have words to describe what happened last week. Here are a few random thoughts:

  • Just ‘cause you say it, doesn’t mean it’s true: Never before in my lifetime have so many vitriolic false statements been accepted as truth without an ounce of evidence, proof or verification.

  • Freedom of Speech: Twitter and Facebook don’t have anything to do with freedom of speech or the First Amendment. The First Amendment’s protection of the freedom of speech pertains only to any limit by the government to silence you.  Both Facebook and Twitter are private companies and when you sign up, you agree to their terms. They are not obliged to let you say anything you want on their platforms.

  • Cowardice: Trump called on his troops; he said he would be right there with them, but he didn’t show up. He went home to watch TV and threw his supporters under the bus. History will judge him harshly.

  • Traitor:  Benedict Arnold will now be the second most famous.

  • Accountability: In order for there to be any sort of "closure" or calm, every person who stormed the Capitol must be punished accordingly.

  • Impeachment: The second impeachment of Donald is underway.  He should participate personally because it won’t be his last trial. EDITOR’S NOTE: President Trump was impeached on Wednesday for the second time, becoming the first president to be impeached twice. The trial will now move to the Senate.

  • Taking a knee at an athletic event: Seems tame now, doesn’t it?

  • Complicit: There isn’t enough space to list all of those who took part in this travesty. 

  • Guilt by association: Does this have any impact on the political aspirations of Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, Sarah Sanders and State Senator Trent Garner? Let’s hope so.

  • Awkward: Trump and Pence meeting. 

  • Light at the end of the tunnel: First glimmer on Jan. 20.

Achor Sets up Vaccination Station

Achor Family Pharmacy has set up a vaccination center in a separate location across the street from their pharmacy at 2001 Club Manor Drive. According to their Facebook post, “We are excited to serve our hometown in a clean designated and socially distant facility as we work through the ADH Covid-19 Vaccine Groups!” They are scheduling by appointments only for Group 1A. Visit their website for more details and to sign up. More information on the groups at the Arkansas Department of Health website,

  • Brandon Achor does a Q&A with and you can read it by clicking here.

Maumelle Travel Time 

The city has finally implemented the long-awaited adaptive traffic signal technology along Maumelle Boulevard in an effort to make drives smoother, according to a City of Maumelle Facebook post. We hope the new technology will allow traffic lights to adjust with actual traffic demand. It took a year of planning and work from city officials and employees, the post said. The new lights were installed to decrease delays, reduce travel time and cut down on emissions, according to the post.

Foodie News 

My food find of the week is the Market Salad at Chick-fil-A. The Market Salad features grilled chicken, granola, raisins, golden seedless raisins, cranberries and a few strawberries. Send me your food find.  

Kosuke Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi announced on Facebook they are closing indefinitely due to being “shorthanded,” according to their post. 

Steaming Hotties has opened in North Little Rock just off the Morgan Maumelle exit across from the Kum & Go, 21505 Hwy. 365 N. They will serve specialty coffees and pastries. Their hours will be Monday-Friday 6 a.m. -1:30 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m.-1 p.m.

You Live in a Hot Spot 

The numbers are still rising, our people are still dying in record numbers. More young people and kids are getting sick. Don’t be numb. Don’t be dumb. Do the safe things. When you can, get the vaccine. You could save a life. Maybe your own. 

“If You Don't Stand for Something, You'll Fall for Anything.”  - Exact source unknown but heard in an Aaron Tippin song 

See you on the Boulevard. 

Neal Moore is a public relations consultant and resident of Maumelle. Send your Maumelle news or comments to Thanks to PJ and Mick.