Moore on Maumelle: My Take 

My focus this week strays from anything political.

 It focuses on “Where’s my damn mail?”

 I noticed during the blizzard last week that more and more people were wondering and fretting when they would get their mail. So, I tried a social science experiment and posted the following on Facebook: “I have noticed dozens of posters suffering from mail anxiety. I realize a few of you may receive meds or perhaps a check, but otherwise, it's usually bills and junk. Help me understand. Will write about it next week.”

I received over 100 responses. 

The responses ranged from ambivalent to desperate. The ambivalent didn’t surprise me because I fall into that category. Most of my mail is junk or bills. Like most of the world, I depend on technology for my communications and rarely get a letter or anything of substance. 

It was the desperate comments that surprised and moved me the most.  Many did confirm that they depended on the mail to get medications. Several pointed out that they were waiting on checks and some were waiting on documents to conduct business. 

But a few noted that they were waiting on death certificates of loved ones who had recently passed away. These are necessary to close out a person’s connection to all things earthly, including business partnerships, life insurance, retirement funds, etc. One person had been waiting over a month and had to put everything on hold until they received the certificate. 

Many wanted their mail just for the simple reason that it’s their right to get it. I think it all comes down to connectivity, something we all need and crave when it’s missing. 

So, get out there and connect with someone. They would probably welcome it, too. 

Don’t Stop Now 

As we reached the gruesome milestone of over 500,000 Covid-19 deaths, but with the numbers seeming to begin going down, it’s not time to let down your guard. Keep doing the smart things like wearing a mask in public, keeping your distance and avoiding group gatherings. The state lowered the eligible age for the vaccine to 65. Get scheduled now if you qualify! We can do this. 

See you on the Boulevard. 

Neal Moore is a public relations consultant and resident of Maumelle. Send your Maumelle news or comments to Thanks, PJ.