North Little Rock: Hartwick fulfills long-held goal

The North Little Rock City Council unanimously approved a resolution for the city to purchase the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown.

The purchase price is $650,000 and Greyhound may lease property for up to 12 months after the sale closes, per the resolution.

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Mayor Terry Hartwick, said the day after he won a December 2020 runoff to win the election, said the removal of the bus station was a priority.

North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick

In an interview with then, Hartwick said with a laugh but still serious that, “I’m ready to get rid of that old bus station. It is past time for that thing to go.”

Hartwick, who previously served as head of the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, had said then he wanted the city or a developer to purchase the property. There’s also been multiple plans, filling large binders on dusty shelves, that have been drawn up by the city for downtown development with the bus station as a point of emphasis as a site for redevelopment.

The Greyhound station is located at 118 E. Washington Ave. and directly across from the parking lot for the Chamber of Commerce.