North Little Rock: Jewelry design business doing a bang up job

The first thing you need to know is that Betty isn’t doing the design work for Bang-up Betty.

Betty isn’t a woman, or even a human.

Betty is actually Stacey Bowers’s cat and it is Bowers who is the artist behind the North Little Rock-based jewelry design business, Bang-up Betty.

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For the curious, not judgmental types, you can follow Betty’s adventures on Instagram @bettyisaboy. 

As for Bowers, she started making jewelry in 2013 on the side and that turned into her sole occupation and full-time business some eight years later.

Stacey Bowers and, below, some of her work. Bowers noted the necklaces featuring the Arkansas Rice Flower, bottom left hand corner, were a benefit for the Arkansas Foodbank and raised more than $800 for the organization. (Photos courtesy of Bang-up Betty)

“When I started,” Bowers said, “I made jewelry at night and on weekends after I got off from work, but eventually Bang-Up Betty grew so much that I decided to focus all my attention on it.”

Her jewelry roots started years before that.

“I’ve been making jewelry since I was in middle school,” she said. “One of my first jobs was at Argenta Bead Company when it was in North Little Rock, and I learned the basics of jewelry there.”

She also described her work.

“Right now I mostly create stamped jewelry featuring custom words and funny phrases and figural cast bronze and sterling silver jewelry,” Bowers said. “Some of my latest collections are my Siren Collection inspired by Greek mythology, my Gallery Collection inspired by art history, and my brand new  Seven Seas Collection inspired by sea creatures.”

To get a better idea, click here to see her website.

Bowers, who grew up in North Little Rock, will open her storefront at 429 Main St., in September.

“I’m excited to bring something fun and quirky to Argenta when I open Bang-Up Betty in a few weeks,” she said. “You’ll be able to shop my locally made jewelry, get something stamped onsite if you like and pick up unique gifts in a gorgeous space.”

In the meantime, there’s a book club at Laman Library that starts in August, to keep people busy.

Described as a “book-club-meets-scavenger-hunt” it is hosted by both branches of Laman Library and Bowers wrote on a blog post that “anyone can participate.”

One just needs to follow Bang-Up Betty on Instagram, @bangupbetty, or on Facebook, @bangupbettyjewelry.

Bowers will post clues on those social media channels that will then take readers to her “favorite titles on the shelves” and when you check out with the books, you’ll “get biblio-centric gifts to take home.”

Some readers, “will also get nice surprises when they open books they’ve checked out from Laman Library.”

Anyone who lives in Pulaski County can get a library card for Laman Library and the book club/scavanger hunt will continue through the Fall.

  • To read more about the book club click here or to watch a video of Bowers in action on YouTube, click here.