North Little Rock: New faces around City Hall

Besides the most obvious, Mayor Terry Hartwick, there’s some new faces around North Little Rock City Hall, with most starting this month.

While familiar, Jim Scott was hired in a new role as the Deputy City Clerk/Treasurer and started on March 1.

Scott was most recently a lieutenant with the North Little Rock Police Department where he was, among other things there, the public information officer. Scott retired from the police department and will handle revenue enforcement for the Clerk’s office.

Teresa Hill was also hired by City Clerk Diane Whitbey as well.

The biggest changes have been with Hartwick’s administrative team.

As previously reported, Tracy Roulston is the new Chief of Staff after Danny Bradley retired. Both Bradley and Roulston were previously chiefs of police for North Little Rock.

Mike Davis, who is also a retired North Little Rock Chief of Police, also returns to city work and will be the Deputy Chief of Staff. Davis replaces Charley Baxter who retired in February.

Shara Booth Brazear is the city’s communications director. A position she started in January after Jim Billings retired in December.

Dr. Arnessa Bennett

The last new hire is Dr. Arnessa Bennett, who replaces Robert Birch, who is now the Director of Economic Development for North Little Rock. Bennett is Director of Special Projects and will be a constituent liaison for the Hartwick, Rouston and the City Council.

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