North Little Rock: New Justice Center opens

The city of North Little Rock opened its new Justice Center on Thursday morning.

The building at 1 Justice Drive, formerly 2600 Poplar St., is 84,000 square feet that hold the city’s police department, courts and IT. A second, 6,500 square feet building, will also be on the property and it will be used as a garage and classroom space.

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The buildings are being paid for with a one-cent sales tax that was approved in 2017. Of that one-cent, half will sunset in five years and those funds were used to pay for the new buildings, along with the new fire station that was built in Levy as well as updates to all the other fire stations in the city.

The new Justice Center replaces the old facility behind the high school.

Construction by Little Rock’s Flynco started January 2020 and the design was by Hoefer & Welker, Roark Perkins Perry Yelvington Architects and 720 Design.

City spokeswoman Shara Booth Brazear said the facility “will provide exceptional services to the citizens of North Little Rock for many years to come.”