North Little Rock: Thessing, Roulston named chiefs

Patrick Thessing and Tracy Roulston

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In one of his first big personnel decisions, North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick announced on Wednesday that Police Captain Patrick Thessing would be the city’s next Chief of Police while interim police chief Tracy Roulston would become the Mayor’s Chief of Staff when Danny Bradley retires.

The retirement is effective March 6 as the pair, “will work together over the next five weeks to ensure a smooth transition for our city,” Bradley said.

The Chief of Staff position was created under previous mayor Joe Smith and Roulston is the second person to hold the title.

Roulston and Thessing are North Little Rock lifers and have each been with the police department for decades.

Roulston is from Rose City, graduated from North Little Rock Northeast and has been with the police department for 33 years.

Thessing is from Levy and has been with the department for 26 years.

“A strong leader has to be fair as well as an excellent problem solver to work with all types of people,” Thessing said. “Our job is to serve the community of North Little Rock.”

Both started as patrol officers before working their way into leadership positions as both were patrol captains.