School Covid numbers improve, PCSSD keeps mask mandate in place

The Pulaski County Special School District was among five in the state that now have Covid vaccination rates above 50 percent for the population the district serves, the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement said on Thursday.

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Pulaski County was at 51 percent, while the other percentages were:

  • Bentonville … 54

  • Cleveland County… 53 

  • Magnet Cove … 53

  • Fountain Lake … 52

The county district’s School Board also voted on Tuesday at its regular meeting to maintain the district’s current mask mandate through December.

The Board will meet again on Dec. 14 about continuing the policy into next year.

The ACHI report shows that 22 of the state’s school districts now have Covid-19  infection rates of 50 or more new known infections per 10,000 district residents over a 14-day period, down from 40 last week.

One district, Scranton, has a rate of 100 or more new known infections, according to Arkansas Department of Health data obtained Monday.

Known infections reported by ACHI include confirmed and probable cases. Probable cases are based on verbal reporting and antigen test results, as identified by the Department of Health.

Infection rates and counts are not shown for districts with fewer than five reported infections to reduce the possibility of identifying individuals. School district counts do not include infections among incarcerated populations, in nursing homes, or in human development centers.

As of Monday, the following 22 school districts had a rate of at least 50 new known infections per 10,000 district residents over the previous 14 days. An asterisk indicates that a district is new to the list this week.

None of those 22 districts are in the state’s urban areas.

The districts are:

  • Armorel*

  • Batesville

  • Buffalo Island Central

  • Cave City

  • Cedar Ridge

  • Corning

  • Cossatot River*

  • De Queen*

  • Dierks

  • Hillcrest

  • Izard County Consolidated*

  • Melbourne

  • Midland

  • Pangburn

  • Paragould

  • Pocahontas

  • Rector

  • Riverside

  • Rose Bud*

  • Scranton – rate of 100 or more new known infections per 10K residents

  • Shirley

  • Trumann