So, about last night

On Friday night, me and my wife went out for dinner and decided chicken was the best drive-through choice.

We went to the Raising Cane’s in midtown Little Rock but first hit the Dairy Queen off University.

Next up was Cane’s and it was a fateful choice. We’re fine but while we were in the drive-through line, and after we ordered but before we paid, we heard what sounded like a truck’s J brake. We noticed that some people behind us decided to leave and some of them in a hurry.

Judging it to be panicky nonsense, we stayed in line and could see a wrecked car at the intersection of the freeway and University. Police and fire units also started arriving, but thinking nothing of it, we stayed in line and ended up eating dessert while we waited what seemed a very long time.

It was around 7:30.

When we got to the window to pay, we learned that it had been a shooting and that one guy had been chasing two other guys and they were in and around the restaurant. When we got to the window to pick up our order, the clerk was in shock. She said there’s a guy in the lobby and he was bloody because he was missing his neck. 

She didn’t say anything about other bodies inside the restaurant and when we drove around the building, I stopped and took a photo of the gun – a short-barreled AK-47 – that had been used. It is pictured below.

We were briefly stopped by police and asked if we had seen anything but were allowed to leave after a few minutes as they took down the crime scene tape to allow us to drive off.

Police are now saying it was an exchange of gunfire between two parties and that it is now an active homicide investigation.

We didn’t hear two sets of gunfire. It sounded like, what I’ve now learned, is a three-round burst from an AK-47 and it was two or three of those.

My suspicion is that it was a road dispute of some sort. Perhaps gunfire was exchanged as cars were on University, with one car crashing and that leading to one car’s occupants fleeing with the other in pursuit,

That’s purely idle speculation on my part.

What’s not idle speculation  is Little Rock has a problem and it impacts the entire region in a negative way.

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