Soccer: Maumelle Charter girls are a ‘special team’

With one game remaining in the regular season, the Maumelle Charter Lady Falcons have even more matches ahead with the start of the Class 3A state tournament next week. 

They also won’t have far to go as Central Arkansas Christian is the host school and matches will be played at North Little Rock’s Burns Park.

Maumelle Charter enters the tournament, as of now, with an overall record of 7-3-2, said coach Marc Gates and will be the second seed from the 3A South conference. It means the first match would be Thursday, May 13 and start at 2 p.m. and will be the No. 3 seed from the 3A-West but what school is still to be determined.

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The bracket for the tournament can be viewed by clicking here and should be updated this weekend. 

The winner of that match would play at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 14.

With five seniors on the roster, Gates has an experienced team that has played a competitive schedule. 

“Our top goal scorers are Kayla Jackson and Allison Holzwarth, both of whom have over 10 goals,” Gates said “Raine Fosburgh is the assist leader. Abbey Mahoney has six clean sheets as goalie.”

Clean sheets means, for the soccer-averse, Mahoney didn’t allow the other team to score.

“This team is special,” Gates said., “They have been dedicated and have improved immensely since the beginning of the season.”

Indeed, while one match remains, as it stands now, Maumelle Charter enters the state tournament on a six-match winning streak with the last loss coming on April 1 to eventual conference champ CAC. Also worth noting five of Mahoney’s “clean sheets” came on that five-match winning streak.

Gates noted the team’s success as well.

“They trust each other,” he said, “our run of victories in April is a testament to how they have come together as a team. I am honored and privileged to be a part of this team and I am excited for our postseason performance. This is by far, one of the best teams I have ever belonged to."

Girls roster

  • Name … Class

  • Raine Fosburgh ... Senior

  • Jie Loken ... Senior

  • Abbey Mahoney ... Senior

  • Natalie Peterson ... Senior

  • Hope Shrell ... Senior

  • Blakely Brighton ... Junior

  • Jordan Bures ... Junior

  • Jasmine Carvajal … Junior

  • Kayla Jackson ... Junior

  • Macie Becker ... Sophomore

  • Chyeanne Cossey ... Sophomore

  • Allison Holzwarth ... Sophomore

  • Lydia Krebs ... Sophomore

  • Faith Redman ... Sophomore

  • Tristin Twisdale ... Sophomore

  • Caitlyne Bobsein ... Freshman 

  • Gaby Bowen ... Freshman 

  • Margo Detrick ... Freshman 

  • Peyton G. Hester ... Freshman 

  • Annika Pecanty ... Freshman 


  • March 2: Maumelle … L … 0-7

  • March 9: St. Joseph … W … 4-1

  • March  12: Cave City … T … 2-2

  • March  16: Mills … W … 8-0

  • March  18: Bauxite … L … 0-2

  • April 1: Central Arkansas Christian … L … 1-6

  • April 6: Baptist Prep … W … 2-0

  • April 13: Cossatot River …. W … 3-0 

  • April 20: Centerpoint … W …. 4-0

  • April 22: Danville …. W … 8-0

  • April 28: Harmony Grove … W … 6-0

  • May. 6: Lisa Academy West … 5 p.m.