Swimming: Lakewood looks to make a Wave

As summer gets closer, the temperatures go up and people head to the pool.

For some the pool is a place of relaxation but for others it is a place of competition and that is the case with the Lakewood Waves, a member of the Central Arkansas Swim League.

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The league is made up of eight teams. They are:

  • Cabot Piranhas

  • Conway Crocodiles

  • Lakewood Waves

  • Lonoke Sharkrockets

  • Maumelle Marlins

  • Otter Creek Otters

  • Saline County Barracudas

  • Spa City Eels

The league’s website can be found by clicking here. Allison Smith, Brouke Reynolds, Chad Price and Millie Marlin are listed as contacts. They can be reached by email, respectively,at: arosesmith78@gmail.com, reynoldsbrouke@gmail.com and  milmarlin@att.net.

Swimmers wanting to compete must be at least 5 and as old as 18. The league is competitive and not for those wanting to learn to swim.

Tryouts were held May 20 and another is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 27.

The first week of practice starts on Tuesday, June 1 in the morning and again that evening. Start times are varied based on the swimmer’s individual experience. Swimmers will be grouped in three categories:

  • Snappers 

  • Riptides

  • Tidal Waves

And that category will determine experience level and at what time they start practice.

The Waves practice at the Lakewood Property Owners Association pool, while meets are there and are also hosted by other teams. There’s usually two or three teams per meet and this year’s competition schedule is:

June 3 

  • 10U: Cabot and Lonoke at Lakewood

June 5

  • 10U: Otter Creek, Hot Springs at Saline County

  • 10U: Conway at  Maumelle

June 12

  • 11 & Up: Maumelle, Hot Springs, Lonoke at Lakewood

  • 11 & Up: Saline County at Otter Creek

  • 11 & Up: Conway at Cabot

June 19

  • 10U: Conway, Lonoke at Lakewood

  • 10U: Cabot at Saline County

  • 10U: Otter Creek, Hot Springs, Maumelle

June 26

  • 11 & Up: Conway, Hot Springs at Saline County

  • 11 & Up: Lakewood, Lonoke at Maumelle

  • 11 & Up: Otter Creek at Cabot

July 8

  • 10U: Saline County, Lonoke at Lakewood

July 10

  • 10U: Conway and Hot Springs at Otter Creek

  • 10U: Cabot at Maumelle

July 17

  • 11 & Up: Conway, Hot Springs, Lonoke at Lakewood

  • 11 & Up: Cabot at Otter Creek

  • 11 & Up: Maumelle at Saline County

July 24

  • Meet of Champs at Cabot (all ages)