Turning the corner on Covid?

Arkansas, it seems, is starting to turn the corner on Covid as weekly deaths dropped to 66, since this time last week.

The total number of dead Arkansans is still staggering at 11,218 but given where it could have been, there’s no doubt that vaccinations saved lives in this state.

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Yes, the vaccination rate is still low at 53.9 percent overall, but there’s some light creeping through when you drill down into the numbers.

Namely, that the vaccination rate for the at most risk group, those 65 and over, is at 80 percent in Arkansas. That’s really good news.

Especially when you consider the number of total dead in that age group.

In Arkansas, that’s currently at 8,283 and of those 66 deaths this last week, 57 of them were people 65 and over. So the more people who get vaccination and get boosted in that age group the better.

As for the national trends, the forecast numbers from the Centers for Disease Control are below and through April 23.

The forecasts seem to be settling in between 11,500 and 12,000 total deaths in the next four weeks.

There’s some real divergence in the new weekly death forecasts with the topline number a real outlier at nearly 250 new, weekly deaths while the low end looks to be in single digits.

The reality, is, and has been, get vaccinated and get boosted.

The harsher truth is, if you’re over 65, you should have already done those things months ago. Years ago. There’s still time.

If you don’t want to get sick and die, there’s some things you can do:
Get vaccinated
Get boosted
Wear a mask
Avoid crowds