Voters choose improvements for PCSSD

Tuesday was Election Day for voters in the Pulaski County Special School District and they overwhelmingly approved a millage that would allow bonds to be restructured.

While results aren't official, the millage received 1,559 votes for, to 871 against.

As a percentage, it was 64.16 percent to 35.84 or, in other words, a landslide.

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In a statement issued late Tuesday night superintendent Dr. Charles McNulty said he and the district are "grateful for the voters who showed up today and who showed up last week to vote in the annual school election. Thanks to your approval of this ballot initiative, we can now move forward on our master plans to make improvements across the District. This is a major win for our students, staff and stakeholders.”

Key to the approval was that voting for the millage wasn't a tax increase and kept the rate flat at 40.7 mills.

What it does is allow the district to restructure existing bonds, that would in turn fund a total of 10 projects to expand and improve campuses along with new facilities.

The projects would cost nearly $80 million with improvements to seven campuses, along with three projects that would make the district more efficient.

The restructuring would extend the end payment date to 2048. Currently, the bonds would be paid off in 2032 and 2035.

The previous bonds were issued in 2012, 2016 and 2017 after approval from voters in the school district. The tax rate would remain unchanged.

Maumelle is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the approved restructuring.

Not counting lighting and software improvements that would be district-wide, Maumelle would have $15 million in multiple projects slated for its high school campus.

The largest is $11 million for new baseball and softball fields, as well as an indoor practice facility that would be used by all sports teams at the school. There’s also $4 million for the Northwest Transportation Hub that would be at the high school.

The projects, with dollar amounts

  • Robinson High: expansion to increase enrollment to 1,500 students … $35 million

  • Maumelle High: indoor practice facility, softball and baseball fields … $11 million

  • New Northwest Transportation Pound at Maumelle High … $4 million

  • Mills High: multi-purpose facility … $15 million

  • Baker Elementary: expansion to increase enrollment to 700 students … $5 million

  • Harris Elementary: modifications and facility improvements … $3 million

  • College Station Elementary: modifications and facility improvements … $3 million

  • District lighting upgrades … $2 million

  • Sylvan Hills High: band room … $1 million

  • Software integration upgrades … $1 million (contingent on others first being completed)