Maumelle: Planning Commission to meet Thursday

A new strip mall and two significant voluntary property annexations are among the agenda items for this Thursday’s Maumelle Planning Commission meeting.

A copy of the agenda can be viewed by clicking here.

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The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. and be held in Council chambers at City Hall.

The five-suite strip mall, as seen above, will be located at 1020 Country Club Parkway and be a 7,128 square feet of building that would include a drive-through for a restaurant or other small business.

The property is currently a vacant lot and zoned as Planned Residential District and would need a conditional use permit to allow for the drive-through.

The agenda notes that the property, “has not had any development requests in the past '' and people in the neighborhood have asked about the project and “several property owners along Cabanel Drive who are opposed to the development of any commercial on the property. “

The city’s planning staff has a “Do-Pass recommendation” but on the condition that business hours are limited from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The two property annexations are for 80 acres at 200 Ridgeland Drive and is the Pinnacle Heights Subdivision, while the other is along Highway 365 North and Old Maumelle Road and is called the Bradley Family Property.

The petition for annexation of Pinnacle Heights, above, was filed July 9 with the Pulaski County County Clerk by owner, Dr. Shabbir Dharamsey. The development there was covered here and would include 186 single-family lots. The agenda notes that five comments have been received from the public and were mostly “general questions” and “some concern over the loss of trees and green space.”

This voluntary annexation has a “Do-Pass” recommendation.

The Bradley property, seen below, is split into two tracts.

Tract A is 9 acres and would be zoned commercial. It faces Hwy. 365 N., as illustrated by the map below, while Tract B is 66 acres and would be zoned Single Family Residential. The property is  undeveloped and wooded.

The agenda notes that 13 calls were received, “but mainly concerning general questions. Opposition appears to be due to misinformation or not knowing the general laws concerning voluntary annexation.”

The request for annexation was filed April 28 by Susan Bradley.

This voluntary annexation also has a “Do-Pass” recommendation.